2048 Online

2048 Online

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The 2048 Massively Multiplayer Online Version
2048 Online is an amazing, fast-paced game to challenge your rivals. With this online version of the awesome 2048 game you will no longer play alone, as you will play 2048 online and race against other players around the world with your character!
2048 Online is a massively multiplayer online game that enables tens and even hundreds of players to simultaneously interact in 2048 by simply connecting via the internet. So 2048 Online is not that a one-to-one game anymore. More online players means more satisfaction and more challenge to face.
2048 Online has some smooth, great features:
- Typically you play against all players at the same arena. You are in a race and as you get points, your character goes further. When your game ends, you can put your flag at that point and start over again.
- With 2048 Online your level increases according to your total score, and your color correspondingly changes. It moves from yellow -> blue -> green -> violet -> black. However, there is one more level after the black, but let’s see if anybody will reach up to there.
- You can make good use of other players through seeing their profile and following the players you prefer on the mini-road when they are online.
Furthermore, you can post your comments and follow the latest changes about the game directly here in Google+ : https://plus.google.com/u/0/118108163937328247577/posts

Please if you have any suggestions send them to contact@drokid.com or write them down in reviews (mailing is better).

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